Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal treatment can save a tooth from extraction and relieve pain caused by inflammation and infection



What is Root Canal Therapy (endodontic treatment)

Toothache is one of the most common medical complaints experienced by people in their lifetime. There can be many causes for dental tooth pain. Not all tooth pain however requires Root Canal Therapy. Root Canal Therapy is required when the pulp (soft tissue inside the tooth) becomes infected. There can be a variety of causes leading to a tooth requiring Root Canal Therapy.

  • Deep Decay
  • Tooth Trauma
  • Fracture or chip in tooth

Symptoms one can experience as a result of an infected tooth pulp may include;

  • Hot temperature sensitivity
  • Throbbing sensation
  • Gum abscess and bad taste

Diagnosis and Treatment 

Once a patient presents with tooth pain a series of tests are conducted to assess if a tooth is in need of Root Canal Therapy. These assessments will involve the taking of radiographs.

Treatment of the affected tooth involves the removal of inflamed or infected pulp tissue inside the tooth. The tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected and then finally sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This is carried out over approximately 2-3 sessions. At Hyde Park Dental, Dr Lucas and Dr Mulvihill use the latest in rotary endodontic equipment therefore allowing for the appointment times to be short and PAIN FREE. Local Anaesthetic is also used for added patient comfort.

Post Operative Care   Following completion of Root Canal Therapy we believe that root filled teeth be further protected by full crowning or porcelain reinforcement to further protect the tooth's longevity.