Dental Hygiene

Preventive dental care for maintaining optimum oral health

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Dental Hygiene

Preventative Dental Care forms the basis of a well maintained oral cavity. Examinations and regular hygiene therapy allows us to not only maintain your oral health, but also identify those areas that may develop into problems if left untreated.

Your routine visit with one of our skilled and highly trained Dental Hygienists is more than just a "clean and polish" of your teeth.

A healthy mouth is not only important to your appearance and sense of well-being, but also your overall health. Cavities and gum disease can be painful and lead to serious infections. They may also contribute to many other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, immune system disorders, weak bones and problems with pregnancy and low birth weight.

At Hyde Park Dental we have two qualified and skilled Dental Hygienists dedicated to work with our clients in the maintenance of their oral health. They have had extensive training that focuses and specializes in the prevention and treatment of oral disease.


First Visit

Your first visit with one of our dental Hygienist is a fundamental appointment in setting up your continuing care program. At this visit we will make a full assessment of  your oral health and daily oral hygiene habits. Your gums are closely inspected for the presence of any gum and bone disease. Measurements are taken of any abnormalities. These records can be cross checked at future appointments. The health of all surrounding soft tissues is also examined. Intra-oral cameras and Xrays will also be used to record any current concerns and to show you what we can see, helping to educate and inform. A picture does tell a thousand words. The Dental Hygienist works closely with the dentist informing him of any concerns they or the clients may have in regards to the teeth, gums, discomfort and appearance.

The dentist will also perform a visual examination of your teeth and soft tissue screening for dental disease and oral cancer.  Together the dentist, led by the Dental Hygienist's findings can then formulate a treatment recommendation if required and direct you to future appointments.

The removal of soft and hard plaque deposits (tartar) will be performed, and then a polish of all the teeth surfaces and fluoride treatment applied.

Educating our clients on good home practices is high on the priority and once our Dental Hygienist has assessed your current home care routine any recommendations can be suggested to help aid in your home practices to ensure you keep you own mouth as disease free as possible. Hyde Park Dental has the latest in home care products available to assist you.


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Continuing Care

Hyde Park Dental provides all our clients with a routine Continuing Care Program which is fundamental in keeping your mouth in its best condition. Periodic dental hygiene appointments are arranged in advance by you at a time that is suitable. At these regular visits any previous recommendations can be reinforced so to keep you motivated and well on track to a healthy and pain free dental life.

Other Services

Dental Hygienists are also qualified in other aspects of dentistry. These include Fissure Sealeants (preventive sealants placed in the grooves of molars), Impression taking for Night Guards, Mouth Guards and Orthodontic Retainers, whitening consultation, local anesthetic administration and radiographs.