Teeth Whitening

A Whiter. Brighter. You.

Pola Teeth Whitening

Want an easy, no fuss and affordable option to give your teeth a new lease on life? Our leading take home SDI Pola Whitening System will brighten your smile from just 15mins a day. Have a chat to one of our friendly staff for more information to get you on your way to a brighter smile.

At Hyde Park Dental we offer the easy and  affordable teeth Whitening system Pola Day & Pola Night.

What's Involved

Pola Day/Night is a tooth whitening system designed using custom made trays and SDI Pola beaching gels. One of our Hyde Park Dental professionals will take dental impressions at your initial whitening consultation. These impressions are sent to our dental laboratory where your custom trays are made. The following week your trays are ready for pick up. At this visit one of our dental operators will explain the whitening process for you.

Following your two week home bleaching treatment you are invited to return for a post bleaching review appointment.

Your at home bleaching session will vary between 15-60 mins.